Our Application Process - Open Positions

In most engineering/expertise positions in our career level we apply the following recruitment processes.

  • 1

    Application to our open job posts on Linkedin and Kariyer.net

  • 2
    CV Evaluation

    Evaluation of education and experience requirements for the position

  • 3
    Technical Interview

    Evaluation of job fit by relevant position managers

  • 4
    Competency Based Interview

    Evaluation of competencies and skills required by the position by HR experts

  • 5
    Presentation in English

    10-minute English presentation based on a specific subject/case

  • 6
    English Exam

    The iTEP exam is applied to candidates who do not have TOEFL IBT 85 and above exam scores

English language knowledge is not sought in recruitment for blue collar and support staff, presentation and exam stages are not applied. We have a personality inventory application for blue collar recruitment processes.

Our Work Areas

Each role adds value to FNSS, where one of us works for all of us, and all of us work for FNSS.
Our featured business areas:



Our design departments under the Technology Group Presidency constitute works in different functional areas such as Mechanical Design, Structural Design, Automotive Subsystems Integration, Weapons Systems Design, System Engineering, Vehicle Electronics, Test and Verification Method, Analysis and Simulation Engineering, Product Safety, Integrated Logistics Support and Product Support.



With our R&D units, it is aimed to determine the technology requirements compatible with FNSS strategy, to draw up a technology roadmap and in this direction, to research, develop and provide the highest level of benefit in projects that direct the market and meet customer requirements.



Machining, Chemical Processes and Paint, Welding and Assembly sections under Production Planning and Production Engineering operate under the Directorate of Production and Facilities.

It covers the production and assembly of all kinds of sub-parts, sub-systems, systems and vehicles in accordance with the requirements defined in the manufacturing and serial package.



It covers the activities of keeping the produced or supplied materials and products ready for use by stocking in accordance with their characteristics, keeping the amount accurate throughout the stocking and material movements and shipping them to the place where they will be used and/or shipped.

Business Development


Business Development teams aim to develop new businesses, products, systems and/or concepts, business areas and to determine the areas of investment in line with customer requirements and technological development.

Support Roles


In addition to our main fields of activity, we have support departments such as Strategy Management, Finance, Law, Information Technologies, Human Resources and Corporate Communication.

Project Management


Project Management teams operate in accordance with customer requirements, contract requirements and expectations in order to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control the project appropriately, and closing by providing service and product.



Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments under the Quality Management and Business Excellence Directorate aim to ensure compliance of the processes implemented and products developed/produced within the scope of FNSS Projects with FNSS corporate processes and process documentation, customer requirements, relevant standards and project plans and to ensure the products to be delivered to the customer are guaranteed by realizing qualifications.

The Business Excellence department works to establish, maintain and continuously improve FNSS Management Systems and applications in accordance with the national/international standards and models referenced in order to achieve strategic aims and objectives.

Supply Chain Management


Our units under the Supply Chain Management Directorate operate in areas that include processes such as Supplier Selection, Development and Evaluation, Supplier Management, Product Supply Management and Service Procurement required to provide the materials, products, equipment, fixtures and services needed in all processes in a timely manner with the desired quality and specifications and at the most affordable price.

Open Positions

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