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The SANCAK (RWS), stands out in its class with distinctive technical specifications and ballistic protection.

An unmanned system, the SANCAK ensures personnel safety and considerably increases hit probability thanks to its fire control system. To ensure their availability during operations, especially in urban areas, RWS need to be fitted with ballistic protections; it has been demonstrated that turrets are often hit not only by enemy fire but also by debris and fragments scattered around during combat actions, which can cause damages and put the RWS out of order. Thanks to its ballistic protection, which level remains undisclosed, the SANCAK RWS is capable to carry out its mission with maximum reliability.

The SANCAK RWS can be equipped with an M2 12.7 mm/.50 calibre machine gun, a Mk19 40 mm automatic grenade launcher, an M240 or an FN MAG58 7.62 mm machine gun. It can be fitted to different types of platforms ranging from light vehicles to main battle tanks. The system is in service with a Middle East customer and with the Turkish Armed Forces.

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