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The PARS IV 6x6 Special Operation’s (S-Ops) Vehicle is designed to meet the tactical and operational requirements of military and internal security forces whose mission is «special».

It is able to operate in a wide range of terrains, climate types and is optimized for different operational requirements. It is highly versatile, reflecting the broad spectrum of potential missions and areas of

The PARS IV 6x6 S-Ops Vehicle operates in all weather and all terrain conditions, day and night, including cross-country
and urban areas. The vehicle has been specifically designed to carry special operations units to their mission objectives where multiple threats can be in place and provide fire support to the special operation teams in the field.

All team members enjoy a high level of electro-optic situational awareness. The vehicle special design provides the driver and personnel located in the front section of the vehicle with maximum direct view situational awareness, of over 180°.

The new generation electronic infrastructure provides 360° situational awareness for all team members. Owing to these features, the vehicle can easily be operated under armour at all times keeping hatches closed.

The vehicle’s weapon system is designed to engage multiple targets simultaneously from all directions including high grounds. Two remote controlled turrets are located at the front and rear of the vehicle.

The turrets are fitted with a universal weapon mount which enables them to carry 7.62 mm, or 12.7 mm machine guns, or 40 mm automatic grenade launchers, which can be easily changed depending on mission requirements. Two-axis stabilisation allows firing on the move and the high maximum elevation of the guns enables to engage targets on high grounds (building tops, cliffs etc) and/or low altitude aerial targets.

The PARS IV 6x6 S-Ops Vehicle provides an unmatched optimum combination of the survivability of an MRAP and the tactical mobility of a wheeled armoured combat vehicle. The vehicle’s high level of ballistic, mine and IED protection along with the RPG net is designed to protect the crew and the powerpack against unconventional threats where the timing and intensity of the threat cannot be estimated. The high performance powerpack and ride-height adjustable independent, hydropneumatic suspension system provide unmatched tactical mobility to overcome difficult terrain and road conditions, as well as drive safety and comfort for the crew.

Front and rear axle steering provides a turning radius narrower than a 4x4 vehicle. This unique feature enables rapid manoeuvre capability in narrow spaces, especially in low infrastructure urban areas.

The vehicle is equipped with new generation mission equipment that ensures combat effectiveness, safer route planning, command/control and rapid targeting.

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