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The SHADOW RIDER is a family of modular autonomous unmanned ground vehicles designed to meet the multi-operational needs of the modern battlefield and to support soldiers in complex and challenging terrains.

The SHADOW RIDER FoV, is a system solution that will reduce the soldier's burden on the battlefield and become a force multiplier for the user in full spectrum missions thanks to its artificial intelligence supported autonomy kit, decision support systems, sensor suit, positional and situational awareness systems.

The SHADOW RIDER FoV is equipped with the autonomy kit developed by FNSS which has autonomous driving modes such as patrol, track and return to military base, as well as various layers of protection for a safe ride. The FNSS autonomy kit features an open architecture design to enable rapid adaptation of technological developments.

In the armed variant of the SHADOW RIDER designed for fire support missions, the “man” is always in the loop in the decision-making process, and the fire decision is not made by the system. The SHADOW RIDER, which can be commanded remotely and has autonomous mobility, is an unmanned ground vehicle family that can meet all kinds of missions such as reconnaissance and surveillance, logistic support, tactical deception, fortified positions reconnaissance, communication relay, medical evacuation and most of all fire support, its design allowing integrating payloads suitable for those different tasks.

The Shadow Rider FoV integrates remote control and autonomous capabilities on a reliable M113 platform. The SHADOW RIDER provides optional manned use and has a payload capacity of 4,500 kg.


  • Autonomous control and architecture according to military standards

  • Effective wireless connection

  • Modular design suitable for multitasking

  • Open architecture with growth potential

  • 360° detection system

  • High firepower


Versatile Platform

  • Command Vehicle

  • Fire Support Vehicle

  • Tactical Decoy Vehicle

  • Engineering Reconnaissance Vehicle

  • Logistics Support Vehicle


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