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KAPLAN-MT Overview

In the ever-changing landscape of the modern warfare, medium-weight tanks have emerged as an optimum balance of firepower, mobility, and protection. These versatile armoured vehicles will bridge the gap between main battle tanks and light armoured vehicles, offering a balanced solution for modern military operations.

Medium-weight tanks have been characterized by their adaptability to operate within a wider spectrum of combat scenarios. Their medium weight enables improved manoeuvrability and deployability compared to main battle tanks, while providing enhanced protection and firepower compared to light armoured elements. This versatility enables military forces to respond rapidly and effectively to wider range of operational requirements. As a force multiplier, medium tanks are becoming invaluable assets in both conventional and unconventional operations where manoeuvrability and rapid deployability are paramount.

FNSS’ KAPLAN MT represents a unique response to emerging requirements in modern warfare. KAPLAN MT’s indigenous design provides the lowest silhouette and highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. The platform is designed for optimum weight and mobility performance. The latest technology power pack of the vehicle is combined with advanced electronic controlled systems, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), and a heavy-duty suspension. These features enable the tank to ensure reliable and continuous power during expeditionary manoeuvres on the battlefield for day and night operations. Moreover, KAPLAN MT’s advanced mobility system improves user ergonomics and extends life cycle of all mission equipment. 

In accordance to the conventional tank concept, the KAPLAN MT’s powerpack is positioned at the rear of the platform with increasing its mobility by enhancing high acceleration, especially on soft soil and rough terrain. This design allows the driver to operate the tank with the highest level of situational awareness without the need to open its top hatch. The concept also provides the tank gun with a significant depression angle. Other front engine tanks, converted from personnel carriers or Armoured Combat Vehicles (ACVs) cannot offer these capabilities to the user.





KAPLAN MT’s design architecture provides a superior level of battlefield survivability, incorporating advanced ballistic and best-in-class mine protection systems. Active protection system can also be integrated as an option, based on user requirements. KAPLAN MT’s interior design is highly focused on user ergonomics and optimum crew comfort to increase overall performance of its users during operational tasks. KAPLAN MT is equipped with day and thermal cameras, multi-functional digital driver dashboard, and wide-angle optical periscopes for the driver. To provide hunter-killer capability, a third generation high performance sight system is also available for both the gunner and the commander. In addition, it has a Battlefield Management System (BMS) and Laser Warning Systems (LWS) to provide high level of tactical situational awareness for the crew. 





The unique Anti-Armoured Punch for KAPLAN MT features the latest generation turret equipped with high-pressure 105 mm gun, offering substantial firepower against battlefield threats with great speed of response within a short period of time. It is an ideal weapon of choice for both direct and indirect fire missions, together with infantry support roles. Its unique indirect accurate firing capability allows effective engagement in both open fields and multi-complex urban terrains


KAPLAN MT is in service with Indonesian Army and represents the only export contract of Türkiye within the Combat Tank Class.


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