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Internship at FNSS

Summer Internship Program

The application period for mandatory summer internship in 2024 for university students will start on 1 March 2024. Plese fill in the "Internship Application Form" to apply the program. 


Summer Internship Application Criteria:

  • Ongoing education in any of the 4 year undergraduate programs of universities that are listed below
  • Compulsory summer internship
  • Being a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Grade student
  • Weighted GPA of 2.5 out of 4 and above

Departments Eligible for Internship Applications:

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Metallurgy and
Materials Engineering

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University/Industry Cooperation Program Internship

In accordance with the protocol signed with the universities within the framework of this program, students of the same university are provided with the opportunity to do internship during the year according to their internship programs. Applications are made through the university where the protocol is signed; no individual application is accepted. Applications made to the Joint Education and Coordination Directorates of universities are forwarded to us and evaluated.

Application Criteria:

  • Students who want to do internship within the scope of the University/ Industry Program at FNSS to be included in this program by the school in order to apply
  • Weighted GPA of 2.5 out of 4 and above

Vocational/Technical High School Students Internship Program

Vocational / Commercial High School students are provided with internship opportunities during the education and training periods of each year in line with the quota stipulated in the Vocational Education Law and within the scope of the company's field of study.

This internship program covers an education period and students do their internship by studying at school two working days a week and at the company three days a week during the education period. Vocational /Technical High School Students' internship choices are determined by interviewing school administrations within our quotas.

No individual applications are accepted for the Vocational / Technical High School internship.

Candidate Engineering Program

With our Candidate Engineering program, which includes part-time employment, as well as gaining experience in our dynamic business environment before graduation, you will also have priority for our future open positions in the case of mutual satisfaction. In order to apply, you can follow the announcements to be published on during the summer.

Application Requirements:

  • To be studying in 3rd or 4th grades of the relevant engineering departments of the universities that are to be specified in the announcement
  • Weighted GPA of 2.75 out of 4 and above

Program Details:

  • Candidate Engineering Program is organized once a year and cover one academic year
  • Candidate engineers must be able to work at least 2 days a week in total (can be distributed to different days of the week)
  • Depending on the need for the period in question within the scope of the program, can be assigned to different processes such as Design, Production, Projects, Quality Assurance, Planning, Purchasing, Human Resources.

Student Collaborations

FNSS, which considers the employee as its most important value, also meets with students who are employees of the future. Becomes closely acquainted with university students and contributes to their development.

Research Collaborations

Researcher Training Program for the Defense Industry (SAYP)

Researcher Training Program for Defense Industry is a Researcher training program initiated by SSB in order to create projects to be carried out in priority areas determined by the Department of Defense Industry (SSB) in line with the medium- and long-term research and development strategies of the defense industry sector, to make the information transfer between defense industry companies and universities more systematic and to meet the need for qualified R&D personnel in the field of defense.

The said program consists of graduate thesis studies carried out by students as "Researcher" that are enrolled in any postgraduate program(Master's, PhD or Joint PhD) at any University that has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SSB and the defense industry company or are defense industry personnel.

Within the scope of this program, FNSS has protocols with many different universities, actively submits project proposals to SSB almost every year, and the activities of the projects approved by SSB are carried out by the relevant functions in FNSS.

For detailed information about the program;

TUBITAK 2244 - Industrial PhD Program

Within the scope of the program, scholarships for PhD students and employment support for the private sector are provided in order to encourage more PhD degree researchers to be employed in the private sector. FNSS has applied with Hacettepe University in 2019 for the program announced twice a year and will implement the project proposal as of 2020 that was found eligible for support by TUBITAK.

For detailed information about the program;

TÜBİTAK BİDEB Star – Undergraduate Intern Researcher Scholarship Program

Within the scope of this program, it is aimed to take part in scientific research projects in addition to the education of undergraduate students for a maximum period of 6 months by observing scientific ethical rules and to develop creativity, engineering, problem solving and intellectual skills. STAR**, covers the procedures and obligations related to those who apply for and/or receive support from Research Projects for Undergraduate Students within the scope of the Intern Researcher Scholarship Program.

Research projects carried out at TUBITAK Centers and Institutes or supported by TUBITAK can accessed from address.

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