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SABER Overview

The SABER is a medium calibre one-man, power operated turret that can be fitted on wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles.The SABER turret is equipped with the latest technologies in turret drives, fire control, protection and lethality. Its compact dimensions and light weight make the SABER a suitable choice for different types of armoured vehicles.

The turret can be configured with three types of main armament based on user requirements:

M242 25 mm dual-feed automatic cannon, 40 mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL) or a 12.7 mm machine gun. A 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun is also available with all these configurations.

The digital fire control and sighting system includes a 3rd Generation Long Wave or Mid Wave Thermal Imager, a telescopic day optical channel, an eye safe Laser Range Finder and a ballistic computation capability.

The gun turret drive system is electrical and fully digital with two-axis stabilisation capability ensuring high accuracy even when firing on the move.

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