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KAPLAN-10 Overview

The KAPLAN-10 is a new generation armoured combat
fighting vehicle that has the ability to move together with main battle tanks. The KAPLAN-10 platform design enables the integration of different types of subsystems that allow it to perform all kinds of missions.



The KAPLAN-10’s compact silhouette combined with an advanced suspension system allows it to manoeuvre at high
speeds in various terrains and weather conditions.

Personnel ingress and egress the vehicle through the rear access door. Power pack maintenance and repair operations are carried out via the cabin access hatch. For balance, the two fuel tanks are located at the rear and are fully armoured and isolated from the vehicle to increase personnel safety.


The KAPLAN-10 is one of the very few armoured vehicles that feature amphibious characteristics. Propulsion afloat is ensured by two rear-located propellers that allow the KAPLAN-10 to
easily navigate in deep and fast flowing waters. In addition, the driver can enter the water without prior preparation.

The hull of the KAPLAN-10 is manufactured and integrated using a ballistic welding technique. The power pack and driver are located in the front of the vehicle while the commander and gunner are situated in the centre. The rear part also hosts the gunner’s aid and room for additional crew members.

Laser-protected glass periscopes with a wide field of view provide the driver a high situational awareness. Integrated night vision systems are standard in all

The vehicle is in service with the Turkish Land Forces in the Anti-Tank configuration.

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