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M113 FoV


The sustainability solutions cover the entire M113 Family of Vehicles (FoV) for mobility upgrades, regardless of their specific mission equipment. Therefore, all M113 variants can be supported in terms of logistics and spare parts.

The FNSS M113A4 solution fully meets the requirements for a modern reliable M113 FoV.

The M113A4 & ACV configuration is based on common subsystems that are in service with Land Forces of Turkey, Middle East and South-East Asia regions.

The M113A4 is NATO certified and qualified by the original M113 manufacturer. This configuration significantly improves ease of operation, safety, reliability, performance and durability over the M113A1, A2, YPR & AIFV vehicles.

The M113A4 delivers significant improvements on mobility and survivability compared to the older M113 FoV and consists of modern diesel engine and automatic transmission. Reliability and durability have been greatly improved with the installation of the FNSS-developed ACV power pack.

This improvement in reliability and durability ensures that during operational deployment, the downtime for the vehicles is minimum, enabling the valuable maintenance personnel to focus on other tasks. This also guarantees maximum time for operational deployment by the user. This next generation modernized M113A4 FoV provides the user with a reliable and simple to operate vehicle with a service life of over 20 years.

The solution closely matches the ACV vehicles that have been tested several times between -20°C to +60°C in many different weather conditions on all terrains. In addition, the M113A4 has undergone a full desert mobility testing that was successfully completed covering over 3,000 km.

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