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ACV-15 Overview

Armoured Combat Vehicle (ACV) is the generic designation for a tracked, diesel engine powered, heavy armoured platform in the 13-15 tons class, capable of performing combined arms operations with
main battle tanks.

The platform design allows integrating different subsystems for executing a variety of different roles. The Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) chassis forms the base vehicle for all other members of the ACV-15 Family of Vehicles.

The ACV-15 is a tracked (5 road wheels), lightweight, low silhouette armoured vehicle capable of high-speed operations in desert conditions, poor infrastructure, roads and/or highways. Personnel access the vehicle through hatches located on the top and via the rear hydraulic ramp, which also features an integrated door. A large cargo hatch cover is provided in the top deck, behind the turret. Access for servicing and maintenance of the power plant, located in the front right section of the vehicle, is through internal covers and through a cover at the front of the vehicle. Two armoured fuel tanks are located at the rear of the vehicle for weight distribution and crew safety. The tanks are separated from the vehicle by an armour plate.



The hull is made of ballistic aluminium plates. Plate thickness varies on the different planes of the hull to meet ballistic requirements.

The all-welded construction provides a watertight hull; and hatches, doors, and other openings have watertight seals.


The power plant and the driver’s and commander’s compartments in the forward area utilize about half the space, the turret section, and the personnel compartment in the rear utilizes the remaining half.

FNSS has produced more than 2,500 ACV-15s for Turkish Land Forces and users worldwide.


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