Value to People in FNSS

We reflect our "Employee Value" mission to our compensation and benefits policy and continuously improve it.

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Wages Policy

We have a wages policy which is competitive in the sector, and balanced within the company.

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and Life Insurance

We offer equal opportunities for the health of all our employees and their families and create alternative options that best suit their needs.

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Working Hours

We can plan our working hours within the framework of specified flexible time intervals and make up for our missing working time at any time in the same month.

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Suggestion and Reward

We value the contributions of our employees and implement their creative ideas and suggestions. We reward our employees who create added value with their outstanding efforts and efforts.

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Master's and
PhD Degree Support

We provide unpaid leave for our employees continuing their higher education for a specified period of time and offer a flexible work hours system for their additional needs. We provide additional allowance to our employees who have completed their master's or PhD degrees.

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Invention and
Design Support

We reward our employees who contribute to industrial design, utility model and patent work in our company's fields of activity.

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Training and
Development Opportunities

We support the development of our employees in every way and everywhere with a wide range of leadership, personal development and technical trainings designed for individual needs.

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Our workplace psychologist supports our well-being with the training, seminars and individual consultations she provides.

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Support Program

We provide our employees with the opportunity to receive information and counseling services on many different issues that they can benefit from together with their families.

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Health and Safety

With the campaigns and events organized, we make occupational safety a part of our culture and provide continuous workplace physician and health care.

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We organize social clubs, trips, tournaments and competitions for the special interests of our employees, as well as celebrations that bring all our employees together.

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In addition to legal leaves, we offer extra leaves practices.

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