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Remote Controlled Turret

TEBER-II 30/40 Remote-Controlled Turret (RCT)

TEBER-II 30/40 Remote-Controlled Turret (RCT) is designed to be fitted on wheeled or tracked armoured vehicle platforms. It can be equipped with a medium calibre automatic cannon, an advanced target detection and a hunterkiller fire control system.

The TEBER-30/40 RCT incorporates the latest technologies in motion control, fire control, protection, and lethality. It can operate day and night under all weather conditions and battle environments thanks to its integrated sensors and other electronic systems. Both the gunner and the commander are able to control all functions of the turret. The commander is authorized to take control of the turret overrunning the gunner when needed.

The gun turret drive system is electrical type, with two-axis stabilisation ensuring high accuracy even when firing on the move. The turret can rotate seamlessly on the 360°, the elevation arc being from -10° to +45, angular speed being over 60°/second.

TEBER-II 30/40 RCT is also adapt to use various modern anti-armour systems such as Semi automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) and Automatic command to line of sight (ACLOS) guided missile types. Two each ready to fire ATGM’s are supported with an on board fire control system. This capability enables diversified threat engagements with an effective range beyond 4km’s.

Its 30mm dual feed automatic cannon can be replaced with a 40mm barrel, by only changing the recoil spring and forward feeder. This convertible weapon of choice enables the user to upgrade its firepower with minimum effort, when and wherever required. The turret can hold 200 ready-to-fire rounds (30mm or 40mm) and dual-feed automatic cannon has a maximum cyclic rate of fire of 200 rounds/minute. Two different types of ammunition can be loaded in the double-compartment ammunition box ensure that targets of various types can be neutralised in the most effective way. Different types of ammunitions can be used in the main armament such as high explosive, anti-tank or programmable airburst ammunition.


The coaxial MG consists of an electrically operated 7.62 mm chain gun or a gas operated 7.62 mm machine gun. The major advantages of the electrically operated chain gun are that a misfired round can be extracted by the electrical drive and the gun can continue firing without any crew served action, and that the highly toxic propellant gas that occurs after firing is significantly reduced compared to conventional gas operated machine guns.

In order to have an effective target acquisition and identification capability on the battlefield, the turret is equipped with electro-optic sights that can rotate independently from the turret and have two-axis independent stabilisation for the commander and the gunner. A high elevation and depression Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Station (ORCWS) acts as the commander’s panoramic sight that can rotate 360° continuously on the traverse axis while enables engaging targets independent form the turret’s position with 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm weapon equipped. Its high elevation is used against threats on high grounds on urban environment (building, roofs, etc.) as well as encountering drones approaching from top angles. Sight systems include a long- or mid-wave thermal imager, wide and narrow angle day sensors and a laser range finder. 

The TEBER-30 RCT has an advanced fire control system. Automatic target tracking capability, supporting systems for the gunner, automatically calculated elevation, and lead angles for stationary and moving targets provide a high first-round hit probability combined with more effective ammunition utilization. The fire control system also has hunter-killer capability. Thus, the commander acquires the targets with his own independent panoramic sight and automatically sends the acquired target information to the gunner and while the gunner engages the target the commander keeps searching for other targets.

Thanks to the independent power source integrated in the turret and to the user configurable smart power distribution system, the turret drive, gun firing and sighting systems can be used for a longer period powered by the turret battery, regardless of the vehicle battery status. A bank of four 76 mm smoke grenade launchers is mounted on both sides of the turret towards the front. These can be replaced by other calibre grenade launchers according to the to customers’ requirements.

The TEBER-30 RCT provides multilevel ballistic protection thanks to its modular armour structure which can be increased according to user requirements.

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Both the turret and ORCWS is designed to engage multiple targets simultaneously from all directions.

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