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The TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret, is a medium caliber turret that can be fitted to wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles and is offered in two configurations. In the conventional two-man configuration, the commander and the gunner are positioned in the turret basket.

Although the turret basket occupies a considerable amount of space inside the vehicle, the manned configuration provides significant advantages to the vehicle commander in terms of situational awareness, fire control efficiency and effective control of the battlefield. Communication between the gunner and the commander is more effective and accurate.

The TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret incorporates the latest technologies in turret drives, fire control, protection, and lethality. It can operate day and night under all weather conditions and battle environments thanks to its integrated sensors and other electronic systems. Both the gunner and the commander are able to control all functions of the turret. Additionally, thanks to the manual backup system, the gunner can steer the turret in traverse and elevation and engage the targets.



The main armament consists of the Mk44 30 mm dual-feed automatic cannon with 300 ready-to-fire rounds and has a maximum rate of fire of 200 rounds/minute.

Two types of ammunition can be loaded in the doublechambered ammunition box of the turret feed and ensure the neutralization of various kinds of targets. Different types of ammunition can be used in the main armament, primarily high explosive, anti-armour or programmable airburst ammunition. In particular, programmable ammunition ensure that detected targets can be engaged in the most effective way. The 30 mm automatic cannon and coaxial machine gun provide the ability to effectively engage a wide spectrum of targets.

SuperShot 40 mm (40x180 mm) ammunition can also be used in the turret as the 30 mm cannon can be easily converted by a simple replacement on the field to fire those 40 mm rounds. 

TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret can optionally adapted with various modern anti-armour systems (ATGM’s) such as Semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) and Automatic command to line of sight (ACLOS) guided missile types, if required by the user.

The coaxial weapon consists of a Mk52 chain gun or a 7.62 mm machine gun with 1,000 ready-to-fire rounds. The major advantages of the 7.62 mm electric drive chain gun are that misfire stoppages are eliminated by the electrical extraction of the unspent cartridge, and that it considerably reduces highly toxic propellant gases.

A bank of four 76 mm grenade launchers is mounted on both sides of the turret towards the front. These can be replaced by grenade launchers of other calibres according to customers’ requirements.



The gun turret drive system is electrical, with two-axis stabilisation ensuring high accuracy even when firing on the move. The turret can rotate seamlessly on the 360°, the elevation arc being from -10° to +45*, angular speed being over 60°/ second.

The TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret has an advanced fire control capability thanks to its on-board fire control computer and the two-axis stabilised independent sighting system. It can generate a kinematic lead solution to increase the first-round-hit probability for stationary/moving targets, which also ensures a more effective ammunition use.

The dual-axis stabilised sight system includes a long-wave or mid-wave thermal imager, a day camera with wide and narrow field of view angles and a laser range finder. The sight is also fitted with an automatic tracking system.

On top of the TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret we also find a two-axis stabilised 360° commander’s panoramic sight with thermal imager, day camera and laser range finder enabling hunter-killer capability.

Thanks to the independent power source integrated in the turret and to the user-configurable intelligent power distribution system, the turret drive, gun firing, and sighting systems can be electronically used for a longer time while in emergencies, regardless of the vehicle battery status. The TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret shell is made of all-welded aluminium armour with add-on composite and steel armour providing ballistic protection up to user requirement.



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