“FNSS MAV” deliveries to Turkish Naval Forces Command, Amphibious Marine Brigade has started


“FNSS MAV” deliveries to Turkish Naval Forces Command, Amphibious Marine Brigade has started

The first delivery of the Armoured Amphibious Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) to the Turkish Naval Forces Command, Amphibious Marine Brigade announced on March 25, 2023. MAV is developed within the scope of the Turkish Defence Industry Agency (SSB) program to meet the amphibious armoured vehicle needs of the Turkish Naval Forces Command. FNSS will deliver a total of 27 vehicles, 23 of which are personnel carriers, 2 command and control vehicles and 2 recovery vehicles.

MAV has higher ballistic and mine protection compared to its predecessors and is equipped with today's most advanced mission equipment. Dual role by definition, the MAV offers high performance both on land and water operations. Very few countries have this capability in inventory and FNSS is the only supplier in NATO within an operating production line to produce type of vehicles.

MAV outperforms its predecessors in terms of;

  • Number of personnel to be transported in the vehicle,
  • Ballistic and mine protection levels,
  • Performance criteria to be met on land and in water and
  • New generation remote controlled turret.

MAV is fitted with CAKA Remote Controlled Turret with the ability to carry a maximum load of ready-to-fire rounds and ballistic protection. FNSS CAKA RWS offers grater advantages with its; light weight, better protection for the gunner, target acquisition, automatic target tracking, stabilisation, reliability, accuracy and increased usable internal volume inside the vehicle.

MAV have all the features and capabilities of both a military land vehicle and a military marine vessel, by balancing the land and sea requirements. FNSS is breaking new ground with MAV which is the first and only amphibious vehicle in Turkish Armed Forces inventory that is capable of self-righting in case of capsizing and operating at sea in harsh weather conditions.

The new MAV’s entering in service will operate within the new landing helicopter
dock (LHD) TCG-ANADOLU of the Turkish NAVY.

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