The KAPLAN NG-AFV is a new generation tracked platform designed by FNSS to meet the requirements of the future battlefield.

The KAPLAN NG-AFV is a modularvehicle, designed with possibleintegration options for manned and unmanned turret systems, armed with light and medium calibres as well as 120 mm gun systems.

The modular design allows the KAPLAN NG-AFV to be role-kitted in order to perform full spectrum missions such as mechanised infantry, reconnaissance, command & control, force protection, medical evacuation, recovery, combat engineering and direct or indirect fire support.

All those versions are based on the new generation armoured combat vehicle chassis, with a power-to-weight ratio of at least 20 hp/ton (depending on configuration), automatic transmission, and the ability to operate at the same pace of modern main battle tanks.

It has the ability to move at high speedon roads or cross-country terrain, andCan operate in all kinds of climate. The advanced suspension system is designed to reduce vehicle vibration and increase road holding. It has an open-architecture vehicle electronics infrastructure that allows easy integration of different mission equipment according to requirements.

The KAPLAN NG-AFV is equipped with modular survivability systems to offer an effective solution to the changing threats of the battlefield. It is fitted with protection packages against ballistic, mine and improvised explosive threats.

The KAPLAN NG-AFV also offers an active protection system option against anti-tank missiles.

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